Adverse side effects during or after taking Ozempic such as severe gastroparesis, or “paralyzed stomachs.”

If you thought the latest weight loss trend that has taken over Hollywood is too good to be true—you weren’t wrong. Ozempic, along with Wegovy, Rybelsus, Trulicity, Mounjaro, and Saxenda, are drugs first prescribed to diabetic patients and then marketed as the hottest weight loss miracle drugs. Since then, these weight loss treatments have been making headlines as many celebrity users have walked the red carpet in remarkably new physical form, but at what cost do these lighter looks come?

A recent report from CNN revealed that at least two Ozempic patients aren’t just experiencing minor stomach symptoms due to the weight loss drug—their stomachs are completely paralyzed.

After a year of taking Ozempic injections, both patients reportedly became extremely ill, including symptoms of severe vomiting and an inability to eat. They were eventually diagnosed with severe gastroparesis, or “paralyzed stomachs.”

Since the initial reports, others have come forward with complaints of major nausea—as several physicians have predicted that hospitals will continue to see similar cases.

Ozempic’s parent company, Novo Nordisk, has rejected accusations about the drug being unsafe, as more victims continue to come forward.

If you or someone you love has experienced adverse side effects during or after taking Ozempic, you may be entitled to compensation.

Don’t hesitate to take action—taking the first step toward justice can help hold companies like Novo Nordisk accountable for their negligence and for putting a dangerous drug out on the market.

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